East Africa Tourist Visa Launch

Launch East Africa tourist visa
Last week, the East Africa Tourist Visa was officially launched in Kampala by the Heads of State of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

The special visa costs US $100 and allows a 90-days multiple entry to all three countries, which are members of the East Africa Community (EAC), instead of paying $150 to enter each country in turn. The aim is to simplify travel arrangements for visitors as well as creating a new brand for the whole East African region, opening up opportunities for joint marketing campaigns.

In addition to the launch of the single East Africa Tourist Visa an exclusive group of travellers, hosted by Great Lakes Safaris, were invited to attend the function. Moreover, 14 of the Great Lakes Safaris tourists were selected to receive their personal East Africa Tourist visa valid for 2 years!

Interested in applying for a single East Africa Tourist Visa? Find more practical information in the “Things to Note”.

Benefit now from the East Africa Tourist Visa and enjoy Rwanda’s rolling hills and rare mountain gorillas, Uganda’s waterfalls and majestic lions and Kenya’s sandy beaches! Contact us now for a tailor-made East African safari package!

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